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Lola Monroe: A Triple Threat That is Going to Go Far

Posted September 7, 2011 by Bryant Morris in Feature

Born Fershgenet Milaku (Fershgenet meaning Fruit of Heaven, and Melaku meaning Angel) , and now known as Lola Monroe is a 24 year old rapper, model, and actress of Ethiopian descent. She was raised in the inner city of Washington DC, and at the age of 12 wrote poems and songs as a form of expression and means of escapement.
In 2006 is when Lola began modeling and appearing in music videos.  This Video Vixen has been in numerous videos. Some of them are I Love It (Young Jeezy), Good Life (Kanye West ft. T-Pain),One More Drink (Ludacris ft. T-Pain), Give It Up (Twista ft. Pharell, and I Get Money (50 Cent).  After three years of modeling she decided to quit that altogether to focus on her music, and in June of 09 is when she released her first mixtape “Boss Bitch’s World”, and followed it up four months later with a second mix-tape “The Art of Motivation”
Monroe released her first single in 2010 that featured rap artist Trina called “Overtime”, and the music video was released on 106 and Park.  Trina is also featured on another track called “Run this Town”.  I personally like both tracks and I think in the next two years Lola Monroe can definitely climb her way up the ladder to becoming one of the hardest hitting female rappers in the game.  I love the fact that she has Trina on her team, and Trina is surely making a comeback which I like to see because I feel she still has a lot to offer to the rap game.

Last year Lola released her 4th mixtape “Batteries Not Included”. Lola Monroe is the leader of what she calls the “The Bosset Movement”. This movement was created by her for the empowerment of women. She states “The women represented by this movement are those working hard towards their goals and striving for success and is meant to motivate and strengthen women regardless of obstacles and adversity. I’m down with that!

Some of her music influences are Lauryn Hill, Salt N Pepper, Eminem, Trina, MC Lytle, Jay Z and Tupac. Lola describes her music as “painting a vivid picture of my experiences, my views and my feelings towards the struggle. The grind, love, money, hate, anything the streets can feel from my perspective. This East Coast rapper is absolutely going places, and she has the drive to make it to the top!

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