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YC is “Next to Blow Up”

Posted September 15, 2011 by Bryant Morris in Feature


Whether its by his music or other artists he puts on YC‘s main goal is to make a stamp in the music industry. This Decatur,GA rapper born Chris Miller has not had the easiest life and considers himself lucky that he did not end up on the streets hustling since he constantly would find himself in trouble out on the streets. His family who has been his biggest supporters was what kept him on the right path, and out of any real big trouble.
This father of four has become one of the most sought after rapper in the game right now. His catchy debut single Racks has spread like wildflower, and has landed at #14 on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop songs chard, and has reached #21 on Itunes Top Hip Hop/Rap songs chart all within the first month of the release.
YC says he has always been into music, and as he got older he knew he wanted to pursue a career in music. His family has stood by him and were the ones who said If that’s what you want to do then do it, however there were a lot of others who didn’t believe he could make it, but that only pushed him to work harder and boy has it paid off.

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He started out in a group with Block Entertainment called The Block Boys, and when that fell through YC decided to go off on his own and start a solo career and hooked up with Big Play/ 30222 Entertainment /Universal Republic Records where he has found a second home. To get his name out there after his album dropped he went out to open mics and strip clubs. Every week he would perform at a different strip club and play his records, and would try to get in good with all the DJ’s.

YC feels great about all that he accomplished thus far, basically building himself from the ground up. You will definitely be seeing more of this kid in due time, and has been hand picked by Diddy himself as an artist that is Next to Blow. Let us know what you think of YC!

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    This kid is way better than Big Sean’s fake sexually immoral ass. Sean better enjoy his Fame while he has it because he’s seriously not gonna last long with this boy comming up. Keep grindin YC!!!!


      Yeah I agree, Big Sean’s ass is a fake. All Sean rap about is sex, tryin to beg for “sex symble” fame. Ain’t nothin Big about Sean but his Big Ass Head and small body attribute’s.


        I remember when somebody said that Big Sean is changing the Hip Hop industry. /= SERIOUSLY? How is Sean changing the game when he sounds like everybody else in the industry, he sounds like a soap opera rapper. YC is real, he doesn’t sound like nobody else but himself cause he got slang in his voice and I also agree with P.Diddy, YC really is the “Next Rapper To Blow Up.”

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