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Jay Mafia: Millimeter Mafia

Posted July 25, 2011 by Inferno in Independent

From the streets to the studio, Jay Mafia has been hustlin’ to make it, whether it was to survive life or survive the music game.  As a young man, the trails and tribulations he went through shaped his music career and allowed him to rap about real life stories.  After Gang affiliation, selling drugs and armed robbery didn’t work he turned to music. Releasing his first mixtape, Guerrilla Kingdom Mix tape Volume 1. hosted by Dallas’s DJ Drop, Jay Mafia was on his way to musical nirvana. The got him into position to launch his own record label, OutBreak Records and released his first album, This Game. In 2009 Lil Boosie was contacted and told about Jay Mafia through a mutual acquaintance. They quickly recorded the hit single “AYYYE” giving Jay Mafia notoriety in the music industry. Immediately afterwards Jay Mafia released his new Mix tape Guerrilla Kingdom Volume 2. “The City Is Mines” and plans to release his national debut Album “Millimeter Mafia” in late 2010.

Check out more about Jay Mafia here. www.JayMafia.com

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